Webinar B2B Digital Marketing & Covid-19: A Short-term & Long-term Strategy

Learn where to focus your digital strategies to keep hitting your goals during & after the pandemic.


Pivot to Digital Marketing

Learn how to generate leads online

Watch Sam Zastrow, Director of Operations and digital marketing specialist as he walks through the state of B2B digital marketing almost a year into the pandemic and offers practical tips for reaching your business goals in the short and long term.

He'll share insights on how to successfully pivot to digital marketing or refine your existing digital program to:

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Reduce your cost per lead to maximize ROI
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Align marketing efforts with changes in customer behavior
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Avoid the opportunity costs of inaction
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Evaluate your website’s effectiveness as a lead generation tool
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Tailor your strategy to focus on tactics that are working right now
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Attract what could be an influx of "more online" traffic to your site

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