Inbound Marketing

B2B inbound marketing focused firmly on generating a qualified pipeline

To win business in complex industries today, you need to be able to understand and address your prospects’ needs—sometimes before they know they need a solution.

Enter inbound marketing. The philosophy is simple: generate and capture demand for your product or service by demonstrating how and why it’s the best solution to your prospects’ challenges.

Inbound marketing changes the way companies generate opportunities and grow by attracting qualified traffic, converting those people into leads, and nurturing those leads into pipeline and revenue as opportunities and customers.

Inbound blends channels and content like social media, blogging, email marketing, videos, and landing pages while more thoughtfully utilizing traditional advertising tools that otherwise prove wasteful and largely ineffective.

Inbound 101

Inbound is an approach to marketing that acknowledges a basic fact: the effectiveness of many traditional B2B outbound channels—on their own—has been steadily declining while simultaneously costing more. Outbound doesn’t align with how B2B buyers buy anymore. The way buyers research and discover products has fundamentally changed.

Today’s buyers have—and expect to have—abundant access to information. They want to execute the buying process partly, mostly, or completely on their own. Inbound enables companies to attract those buyers by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

It streamlines and scales the buying process itself by giving prospects the tools to guide themselves through it—and then engage with companies on their terms. Inbound acknowledges that buyers have more power over the buying process now, and gives companies a competitive advantage by respecting that power and giving buyers what they want.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing is focused on attracting potential customers to you rather than interrupting them in an increasingly difficult and expensive bid for attention. By clearly communicating your value, and creating and promoting content aligned with your customers’ needs and interests, inbound generates qualified inbound traffic you can convert, close, and delight over time in a way that’s sustainable. Unlike traditional outbound, which stops delivering the moment you stop investing in it, good inbound pays dividends for years to come.

Inbound marketing services

Traffic and demand generation

Blogs SEO Social Long-form content Social ads Search ads

Lead generation

Guides White papers Webinars/Demos Landing pages Social ads Search ads

Lead nurturing

Email Marketing automation CRM Consideration content Social ads Retargeting

Reporting and analysis

Sales enablement Sales handoffs Goal tracking Custom reporting Notifications System integration

Why do inbound with us

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Attract the right prospects

Sales teams shouldn’t spend time trying to sell to people who aren’t ready to—or will never—buy. Our approach to marketing drives buying processes at scale and generates demand for your solutions each step of the way.

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Convert more qualified leads

A “lead” should mean something. It should be someone who wants to—or should want to—engage with your business. We bring you more of these leads.

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Hit your revenue targets

Leads are a means to your real goal: revenue. Everything we do flows from your revenue goals, which are constantly measured and optimized to understand what’s working (so we can do more of it) and what’s not, so we can reinvest in what does.

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“I would like to share with you my absolute pleasure in working with your team. They are extremely responsive and their output is amazing. They are very collaborative and definitely think about what they are doing to optimize results.”

Nick Capman

Nick Capman, CEO 
The FDA Group

A few of the ways we can engage

Inbound retainer

Best for companies without in-house marketing teams who are a great fit for an agency. We dive deep into your industry, evaluate competition, and look for opportunities to achieve your goals. We become or augment your marketing team as your strategic and tactical partner.

Inbound support

Best for companies that have in-house marketing teams and a good grasp on their strategic direction, but are limited on resources to execute consistently. We become an extension of your team to deliver tactical support.

Inbound training

Best for companies that want to execute inbound marketing in-house, but need a little help getting up-to-speed on how to do inbound. We share ideas, collaborate, develop, and execute a plan together; you take over when you’re ready, or shift into a more suitable long-term engagement.

Let’s work together.

We believe in making things easy. Get in touch with us however you want to express interest, ask questions, or briefly tell us about your needs. We’ll follow up within one business day to schedule a conversation.