Digital Advertising

Accelerate your lead generation or inbound marketing objectives with fully-managed paid traffic acquisition support.

Many companies struggle to profitably acquire leads through paid channels like social and search ads because they approach these channels without a tactical strategy or an understanding of the complex mechanics that make them work.

But paid acquisition channels, when used strategically and executed well, can complement organic channels by marketing to a larger, more passive portion of your market. In B2B, social platforms like LinkedIn are particularly smart to advertise on because you can target people based on their interests, company data, and job data.

Google Ads are useful because you can target those who are actively searching for what you’re selling, or other terms that signal strong buying intent. Combining the two platforms provides full coverage of those in and out of market.

We bring both the strategic and tactical competencies you need to help your budgets keep producing profitable results. We plan, create, manage, measure, and optimize your campaigns across every paid platform appropriate for your business.

Search ads vs. social ads

Search ads are essentially a rent companies pay to search engines to capture high-intent leads searching for information and solutions in the coveted top spots of search engine results.

In B2B, it’s almost always worth it to pay to appear in search results for queries that signal someone’s looking to buy soon—or right now. We identify which keywords and phrases you ought to be buying and create thoughtful landing pages to send this traffic so they convert into leads—all while carefully monitoring what’s working and what’s not and optimizing campaigns accordingly.

Social ads enable companies to accelerate their inbound efforts by paying to put content, messages, offers, and information in front of people who likely need solutions, but may not be actively seeking them out.

We use social ads to reach this large segment of your market—essentially expanding your inbound marketing program to a much wider audience within your market. Good inbound pays dividends for years to come.

Our approach to digital advertising

We provide detailed, ongoing, strategy-first care and attention for your paid traffic campaigns. We can recommend the right platforms, build out your paid channels from scratch, optimize existing campaigns, create compelling creative and copy, and provide in-depth reporting and recommendations.

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“I would like to share with you my absolute pleasure in working with your team. They are extremely responsive and their output is amazing. They are very collaborative and definitely think about what they are doing to optimize results.”

Nick Capman

Nick Capman, CEO
The FDA Group

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