In-house marketing vs. hiring an agency - whitepaper

Whitepaper: In-House Digital Marketing vs. Hiring an Agency: A Guide to Smart Decision-Making

Learn whether hiring an agency makes sense for your business

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A great marketing solution balances three things: cost, expertise, & efficiency.

Partnering with an agency and hiring an in-house marketer each has its benefits and challenges. Which option is best for your business depends on your unique circumstances.

In this whitepaper, we'll explore the pros and cons according to the cost savings, expertise, and level of efficiency offered by each solution.


  • The true cost of hiring for your team along with what you can expect to pay an agency
  • What you can expect from an agency or employee when it comes to expertise in your industry and when it makes sense to prioritize industry knowledge vs. digital marketing knowledge
  • How agency timelines and processes work and how you can use this as a factor in your decision

Disclaimer: But wait, aren't you a digital marketing agency?

We love gaining new clients as much as the next business, but our goal here is to provide genuinely helpful information that can help you decide which option is the best fit for you. We believe that a mutually beneficial client/agency relationship is the result of compatibility and transparency.

In short, we want both our clients and ourselves to benefit from a relationship. That means if a company isn't a fit, we help guide them to a better solution, even if it doesn't involve us.

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