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The FDA Group, LLC

Two years into a successful inbound marketing program, The FDA Group was seeing significantly higher lead volume and revenue by attracting, converting, and ultimately closing more leads through organic traffic to its website. 

Seeing an opportunity to accelerate its long-term inbound strategy, we implemented targeted social advertising campaigns to drive awareness and action among prospects faster—effectively hitting the fast forward button on existing lead generation activities. 

Rather than waiting for prospects to go looking for answers and solutions, we now put high-quality content offers—whitepapers, guides, and webinars—directly in front of decision-makers at dream accounts and the broader industry segment, driving short-term lead growth and starting sales conversations faster at rates well above LinkedIn’s average benchmarks.

Smart, social advertising to accelerate inbound campaigns

fda group linkedin ad
fda group linkedin ad

Inbound marketing on its own certainly works—just not fast enough as many would like. To speed things up for The FDA Group, we regularly launch carefully-targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns to promote whitepapers and upcoming webinars.

With a complete picture of who we want to target, we simply tune the dials in LinkedIn’s advertising platform to deliver ads that position these resources as solutions to the audience’s problems.

Rather than sitting around waiting for prospects to search them out, we put something helpful directly into their social feeds whether they’re actively searching for solutions or not.

One-click lead generation

In addition to using social ads to drive prospects to conversion-focused landing pages on The FDA Group’s website, we also use LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms—easy, one-click forms that auto-generate contact information, letting prospects sign up for webinars and access premium content without leaving their feed.

This convenient ad format has further boosted conversion rates among our ad campaigns, making ad budgets go even further each quarter.

fda group linkedin ad

Results at a glance

case study cover image

Grab our full case study with The FDA Group here or contact us today to talk about partnering on your next campaign.