Infographic: The Digital Marketing Lead Generation Process

blog author
Sam Zastrow
Director of Operations

This post was originally published in 2013, but was updated in 2017 for relevancy.

Back when we developed this digital marketing lead generation process infographic in 2013, I believe we wanted to use it as a sales tool, but decided to publish it to the blog anyway.

Although four years have passed since then, it's hard to believe how relevant this process is to digital marketing success (though I'll admit it's not properly organized).

Digital lead generation doesn't happen without hard work. It takes focus in five key areas:

  1. Planning for your campaign by developing a buyer persona and preparing your website
  2. Attracting visitors via top-funnel blog posts and other website content
  3. Converting leads via landing pages and low-funnel content
  4. Nurturing leads via email marketing and advertising
  5. analyzing campaign results via metrics reporting
CloudTactix's Lead Generation Process

If your business is looking to generate more leads online, get in touch. We can help.


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