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Download this guide to learn what you need to know prior to meeting with a digital marketing agency.

Deciding to work with an agency on your digital marketing initiatives can be a big step for your business, one that launches you down the path of success or, on the other end of the spectrum, stalls your momentum.

Whether you've already chosen an agency or are just beginning the search, this guide will walk you through how you can best prepare for your initial meeting. We've taken these questions directly from our own onboarding process with clients and added additional insight into why it's important information to prepare for both your business and the agency.

From the agency perspective, the more we know about your business, customers, and goals, the better we can create a custom strategy the help get you there faster.

What's covered in the guide:

  • Goals - we take a deep dive into learning what's meaningful to your business
  • Customers - acquiring customers through digital activities means knowing the basics (and more) about who those customers are
  • Sales process - we explore how the agency's activities fit in with any existing sales processes to create a seamless passing of qualified leads at the right time
  • Marketing and Sales Technology - knowing what systems and services you use helps the agency tailor their approach to your existing systems
  • Competitors - we like to understand what your competitors are doing, so we can stay one step ahead
  • Content - generating leads through your website is a give and take process involving giving your visitors some form of content in exchange for their contact information

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Download the Guide: