What Types of Content Should I Create for YouTube?

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Chris Murvine
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Whether you've been creating YouTube videos for a while, or are just getting started and in need of inspiration, now might be a good time to review the types of content that see the most success on the world's #1 video watching site.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership videos show viewers that you've got the knowledge to back up your claims about being able to help them. They are also undoubtedly helpful to viewers looking for more information about you or your industry field. These videos can take the form of speeches or seminars, or quick tips/Q&As in your given field of knowledge, like the video below on job interview tips.

If someone in your company is going to be giving a presentation or been part of a panel at a conference, try recording it, or perhaps even live-streaming it, for people who can't make it to the event.


YouTube is overflowing with tutorials and how-to videos on anything and everything you could think of. Sometimes it's easier to show how to do something than trying to describe it in a traditional text post. The key to this type of video content is to make sure it's related (directly or indirectly) to your products and/or services. That might be a guide to your specific products/services.

Another example of a tutorial/how-to could be focused on solutions to common problems that your business can help with. You see plenty of examples of this in food brands offering recipes featuring or including their products as ingredients, an art supply store creating tutorials for different types of crafts and art projects, or a home security network showing other ways you can deter burglars.


If you've got the money, you can choose to pay to have your video play before another video as a pre-roll ad. This can be a great way to boost view counts and give your channel more traffic and authority, though it won't boost your ranking. However, it's important to remember that depending on what you pay, viewers will be able to skip your ad after a certain amount of time, so make sure your video is either a) shorter than 15 seconds, or b) attention-grabbing within the first 15-seconds.


Use this type of video content to boost brand awareness and build your business' reputation. These videos are usually creatively or emotionally compelling, which is what makes them so shareable. I use the word 'shareable' instead of 'viral' because not all viral videos will bring your business, well, business.

Instead tie the video directly and explicitly to your business like British Airways did with this beautiful and tear-jerking commercial:

Or up the drama and involve the public, like TNT did with the launch of the Belgian version of their channel:


Whatever content you make on your YouTube channel, it must have the needs of your viewers/customers at heart. That's what content marketing is all about! Creating things that are helpful for the people you want to help.

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