4 Ways to Adapt Traditional Inbound Marketing for Attorneys

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Chris Murvine
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Professional service firms—particularly law firms—are perfectly positioned to grow lead volume by investing in inbound marketing, social media marketing and other inbound friendly strategies.

Read on to learn why inbound marketing is a strategy well-suited for attorneys and four ways you can adapt traditional inbound best practices to work better for marketing your law firm.

Before we jump into how to adapt inbound marketing for attorneys, let's take a quick look at why inbound marketing is the perfect fit for lawyers to incorporate into their digital marketing plans:

  • Niche specializations and skillsets provide attorneys the perfect opportunity to create and promote content that, when properly optimized, can rank quickly in search (there is not a lot of competition).
  • Ongoing professional development supplies law firms with a wealth of opportunities to publish fresh, interesting new content on a regular basis.
  • The industry in general continues to lag behind digital innovations, presenting opportunities for tech-savvy firms to pull ahead of competitors (see the first point above).

Inbound marketing for attorneys is built upon professional expertise, informative content, and one-to-one professional relationships—the very tenets of both inbound and the legal profession itself.

In order to gain the most from your investment, be sure to follow these 4 Ways to Adapt Inbound Marketing for Attorneys.

One: Optimize for Location Specific Keywords

Most small to medium sized law firms serve the community around them. If situated in a metropolitan hub, competitors likely surround your firm. Furthermore, prospects are searching for your services using location qualifiers.

Rank in search results by optimizing blog posts and other website copy using location specific phrases like “bankruptcy attorney in Madison” or “family law firm in Milwaukee.”

Although this appears simple, working geo-specific phrasing into copy in a natural way can be a challenge. Luckily, your blog is a medium that allows for a slightly less formal tone than the rest of your website—it wouldn’t be out of place to begin a post with “As a Madison criminal defense attorney…”

Writing for humans AND search engines is challenging at first, but can be mastered with consistent effort.

Two: Attract Leads with Sales Cycle-Appropriate Content

Are you a criminal defense attorney specializing in DUI or OWI cases, or do you focus in corporate law for small- to medium-sized businesses?

Length of sales cycle will differ greatly depending upon your target market and areas of focus. When crafting lead generating content, be sure to consider how ‘urgent’ your prospects may be to hire an attorney.

If your sales cycles are short—like the DUI attorney—focus on creating single-page case studies outlining a client’s problem, your solution, and the outcome, and be sure to pepper brief client testimonials throughout your website.

If you operate within a longer sales cycle, consider creating long-form content that really illustrates your firm’s experience and expertise. It could be a prospect’s deciding factor between you and a competitor.

Three: Strengthen Your Brand by Focusing on Delighting your Clients

Customer service is always important, and even more so when it comes to the types of challenges your potential clients may be facing.

Because referral and word of mouth marketing are especially important for law firms serving their local community, going above and beyond with how you treat your clients can mean the difference between more referrals walking through your door or a poor review online for everyone to see.

Inbound marketing centers on the idea of treating your leads in a human manner, giving them the information they're looking for when they're looking for it. This shouldn't stop once your lead signs the paperwork to become a client.

Four: The New Social: Just Add Video!

It’s really likely that your competitors are already on Facebook—your firm’s presence won’t distinguish you as modern or tech-savvy.

But doing something different with Facebook will. Continue to strengthen the personal brands of your principles by publishing short 30-60 second interview videos right to your page.

These interviews—20 questions at the most—can often yield 20 minutes of footage that, when properly edited and formatted for your blog, can be used as top-funnel content and branding collateral. Use it to demonstrate attorney expertise, introduce new team members, or even just to offer prospects an inside look at the firm.

Embed Digital in Your Firm’s DNA

Innovations in communication technology will greatly affect the way professionals across industries acquire and retain clients. Staying at the forefront of digital will ensure that your firm doesn’t become obsolete along with yesterday’s marketing strategies.

To learn more about developing a digital marketing plan for your law firm, check out our guide to law firm marketing in 2020.


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